Release Darkcomet Rat v5.31 (final)


So finally the v5 is there after a long and hard work, i recode many part of the program mostely the multithreading i also change a bit the main GUI and the whole file manager.
it is faster and more pro

changelog :

DarkComet-RAT v5 aka Fynlosky*
By DarkCoderSc

- [GUI] The main window had change, dirty buttons removed from the bottom and are now display as tabs in the title bar
- [GUI] Other options such as generate server / downloader / settings etc.. are in the button menu in the title bar then i gain in space for the SIN (static ip notifier)
- [GUI] The EULA/DISCLAMER had changed, read it carefully it contain also lot of informations in the last paragraphs about how to use darkcomet.
- [FUNC] The download file system had totally change, it still multithreaded that means you can download many files from many computers at the same time, but during the file download the current user file manager can't be used, then the transfer will be faster and of course far more stable.
- [FUNC] No more limitation in data sending, now for example you can kill 320 process at the same time, download 1000 files.
- [FUNC] The upload file system had totally change like for the download (see beyound)
- [GUI] Toast GUI had change a bit
- [GUI] File Manager GUI had totally change, it is now more userfriendly pro and less bloated of shit, GUI inspired by TV Software.
- [FUNC] Add usefull shortcuts in the top of both files list in file manager
- [FUNC] Download folder added with recusive option (FAST and STABLE)
- [FUNC] Search manager had been recoded and is now more use friendly, fast, stable and functionnal and the big advantage now it is fully multithreaded (Server and Client) you can cancel a search or cancel the listing after
the reception of the result etc.. it is also fully linked to the file manager to act on the search files easily.
- [GUI] Some icons changed, i try to uniformise all icons step by step
- [DEL] Control center logs removed because useless since few versions
- [DEL] Control center plugins manager removed because useless since many versions @TODO: Make a better one
- [FUNC] Remote shell bug fix for some countries, now it correctly show accents etc..
- [FUNC] Remote shell multithreading been recoded entirely, now it is fully stable
- [FIX] In the users list RAM is now correctly displayed in % used.
- [FUNC] Remote Desktop >> Now the picture compression is directly done by GDI+ API's more fast, stable and consume less memory
- [FIX] Remote Desktop been optimized in threading, speed and stability
- [FIX] Resizing image algorythm been optimized
- [FUNC] Quality bar added in desktop settings
- [FUNC] Remote control for desktop capture been improved
- [FIX] Webcam speed and memory usage is better now multithreading been optimized aswell
- [FUNC] Now you can change the quality of the picture in Webcam capture
- [FIX] A big bug fixed in remoteshell now it doesn't use all the CPU also the GUI change a little bit
- [GUI] New webcam capture design more friendly
- [FIX] Password support now FireFox 9
- [FUNC] SIN Users thumbnail multithreading been revisited and is now faster and stabler
- [FIX] SIN Users thumbnail resizing algo revisited and is also better now
- [FUNC] Main connection handler of the Client Socket was revised
- [FUNC] Main connection handler of the Server Socket was revised now user listing is more smooth fast and stable, it can handle more users
- [FUNC] Better garbage collector


* : Fynlosky is the funny name given by Antivirus.
<3 u all !

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