A Guide To Facebook's Privacy Options

Facebook Inc. offers many privacy options to its users.
The trick is knowing how to use them.

It isn't always easy to figure out, or to keep up with the changes the company makes over time.

Because of that, many users think that they're sharing information and photos on Facebook with close friends or family—only to find out that they have pretty much opened their lives to the world.

In addition to giving you control over who sees your posts, Facebook offers settings that will help prevent your account from being broken into, keep your name and picture from showing up in ads for products you've liked, and prevent apps from posting on your timeline.
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Again, these are all valuable tools, but only if you can make sense of them.

So in that spirit, this graphic points out some of the most important Facebook privacy settings and shows you how to use them.

Facebook last week unveiled a redesign, to be rolled out over the next few weeks, that will change the look of the home page and the placement of privacy and security icons. But the settings themselves will not change


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